Rules for participation

As every year, we are pleased to announce the upcoming International Book Fair of Havana (FILH). In its thirty secund edition the Fair will be hold in its usual venue, Fortress San Carlos de La Cabaña.

To facillitate your participation on this edition, planned from February 15 to 25, 2024, we present to you the Participation Rules. Herein you will find the rules and regulations to abide to during the celebration of the FILH, which will be mandatory for all participants and will be part of the contract signed between the Cuban Book Chamber and the Exhibitor, as a necessary requirement to access the event. We encourage you to study all the information attached and to send all the forms by the established deadline. We hope you receive all this information in a way that favors an operational and efficient relationship with the Organizing Committee of the FILH.

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The 32nd FILH 2024 will take place in its historical venue Fortress San Carlos de La Cabaña, where all the professional and cultural activities mainly organized for writers, booksellers, literary agents, distributors, illustrators, library specialists, professors, and promoters are hold, as well as all the activities for book and reading lovers.

For ten (10) days, literature lovers will have the opportunity to participate in the program organized for the event: book launchings, conferences, workshops and others. The Fair also facilitates negotiations between Cuban and foreign book professionals.

Among the most important activities are those onganized to pay tribute to authors and  for those to whom the event is dedicated, the project Cuba Digital, the Encounter of Young Writers and the Business Forum. The Professional Salon (PS), organized by the Latin American Literary Agency will count with the presence of several outstanding specialists, posing as the ideal space for negotiations regarding copyright, agreements for future alliances between publishers, authors, editors, distributors, booksellers, agents and other professionals registered to participate in the event. There will also be panels, conferences and lectures related to the publishing industry at a venue that will be technologically equipped with Internet access, e-mail and document reprographic services.

Work contacts will be agreed in advance, via telephone or e-mail which are included in this Call for Participation. The coordinator of the PS will be responsible for organizing meetings and work sessions between professionals and institutions. These sessions could also be arranged during the Fair directly in the offices of the Professional Salon. To access the services provided by the PS you must be registered as Professional. However, a badge of Professional, Exhibitor or Guest provides access to all the other events in the program of the Fair.

You can access the documentation for the register on the official website

1.Participation as Profesional 

On registering as Professional (See ANNEX 3), you’ll be entitled to:

a) Acquire a badge that grants you every-day access to the main premises and all venues of the Fair.

b) Do your p urchases on the first day of the Fair.

c) Participate in the activities of the academic and literary programs.

d) Access to all book launchings and cultural program of the Fair.

e) Access to work meetings, organize appointments and access to all the services provided in the Professional Salon.

  1.1. Book launchings

a) Bok launchings take place in conference rooms prepared for such activity, and are scheduled after a Request for Book Launching (See ANNEX 7 ), which can be downloaded from the website  

  b) The following documents must be included in the Request for Book Launching:

     • Synopsis of each book and biography of the authors.

     • A high resolution photograph of the author.

     • The synopsis of the book and a short biography of the author should be sent in the same Word document, maximum 400 words, in Arial Font, 12pts

    • All synopsis, biographies and photographs received will be published on the website of the FILH General Program.

  c) All documents listed on item b) shall be sent before 30 November 2023 to the following emails and , to the Chief of Presentation Rooms and Ceremonies of FILH 2024.

  d) The Organizing Committee of the FILH 2024 (COFILH) can approve the participation, or not, after revising the information submitted by the applicant. The decision is unappealable.

  e) Once your participation is confirmed and formalized by the Chief of Presentation Rooms and Ceremonies of FILH 2024, the applicant shall present the forementioned application to the Cuban Book Chamber and its International Book Fairs Group to get an invoice and proceed with the payment.

  f) The payment for Presentation Rooms are ruled by the following rates:

  For Cuban entities:

Fortress San Carlos de La Cabaña

Nicolás Guillén

430.00 CUP

Dora Alonso

360.00 CUP

José Antonio Portuondo

360.00 CUP

Lezama Lima

360.00 CUP

Alejo Carpentierl

360.00 CUP


For Foreigners:

Fortress San Carlos de La Cabaña

Nicolás Guillén

50.00 €

Dora Alonso

30.00 €

José Antonio Portuondo

30.00 €

Lezama Lima

30.00 €

Alejo Carpentier

30.00 €


  The p ayment for booking a presentation room shall be made through bank transference or nominative check or certificate before the beginning of the event. The process to sign the contract, receive an invoice and proceed with the payment will be managed directly by the Group of International Fairs of the Cuban Book Chamber (See ANNEX 7). The Organizing Commettee reserves the right to cancel the presentation in case the payment has not been made in accordance with the terms established in the contract or claim.

2.Participation as Exhibitor

     a) The Exhibitor can formalize its intention to participate by submitting the Request for Participation and the necesary legal documets (See ANNEX 1 )

    b) If the request is approved, the Exhibitor shall send the documents listed below:

  2.1 First-time Foreign Exhibitors shall send the documents listed below in Spanish or English or a notarized document showing the following information:

a) Copy of the Certificate or Act of Constitution signed before a public notary or authorized institution in the country of origin.

  b) Original Representation Letter or notarized copy, stating who will represent the exhibitor in case the legal representative or director of the institution can’t attend to the event.

  c) Photocopy of the commercial register or deed showing the validity of the Exhibitor, updated at least six (6) months before the opening of the event.

  d) Photocopy of the passport or ID of the person who will legally represent the Exhibitor, as well as all representatives of the stand.

  e) The Exhibitor representing one or more publishers or distributors shall submit, along with the request, a power of attorney (original or certified copy) updated at least six (6) months before the opening of the event.

  2.2 Foreign exhibitors who have regularly participated in FILH:

a) Photocopy of the passport or ID of the representatives of the stand as well as the person (or persons) representing the Exhibitor.

  b) Photocopy of the commercial register or deed, updated at least six (6) months before submitting it to the Senior Especialist of the International Boor Fair Group of the Cuban Book Chamber as proof of the validity of the institution.

  c) The Exhibitor representing one or more publishers or distributors shall submit, along with the request, a power of attorney (original or certified copy) updated at least six (6) months before the opening of the event.

  2.3 For diplomatic misions accredited in Cuba:

a) Photocopy of the official document appointing the person as Ambassador to Cuba and legal representative.

  b) Verbal Note addressed to the Ministry of Culture (MINCULT) and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) formally indicating the intention to participate and the corresponding authorization of both Ministries.

  c) Photocopy of the personal ID of the representative of the stand.

  2.4 For Cuban exhibitors:

     a) Legal certification of the institution (original), signed by the legal advisor including the advisor’s Attorney Registration Number of the Ministry of Justice.

2.5 For non gobernmental institutions. Freelancers and MIPYMES:

     a) They shall submit all ligal documentation certifiying their non gobernmental management, according to the established regulations.

2.6 For all exhibitors:

Legal documentation must be accompanied by

a)    Every ANNEX appliable to the exhibitor

b)    In case ANNEX 11 applies, the exhibitor must submit the list of non literary products authorized to be sold, along with a picture of each one of them.

  NOTE: Books and/or products UNDECLARED in annexes cannot be commercialized or exhibited. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to remove them from the stand, have them confiscated by General Customs of the Republic and/or close/dismantle the stand without reimbursement of the fee paid for space and services.

  2.7 The Exhibitor, once formalized their participation, is entitled to :

a) Being included in the Catalog of Exhibitors, for which a Request for Participation shall be sent (See ANNEX 1) before October 31, 2023.

 b) Launch books part of their catalog and participate in other activities scheduled in the General Program of FILH. The Exhibitor shall abide to the rules established on Item 1.1 of the PARTICIPATION RULES.
c) Participate in the Professional Program as attendee or speaker, through a request to the coordinator of the Professional Salon, Phone: (53) 7830 9608 /7832 95 26 ext. 105 and 110. Email:  In case of submitting a proposal for lecture or workshop, a confirmation will be needed before coordinating. The Request for Participation in the Professional Salon (See ANNEX 6) can be downloaded from the Website   

3.Participation, presentation


a) Publications called “surplus” shall have the adequate quality for their commercialization.

  b) All publications shall have on a visible area their corresponding ISBN or ISSN codes, as well as their price and associated items. If this rule is violeted, the merchandise will be:

For Cuban Exhibitors: immediately removed from the Fair premises.

  For foreign Exhibitors: removed and confiscated with the presence of a Customs representative and returned to the Exhibitor at the end of the Fair for re-exportation to the country of origin. In case of second offense, the Exhibitor will be BANNED from future editions, and COFILH will have the right to decide for how long.

  a)    Commercialization of books and associated items at extremely high prices to denigrate –intentionally or unintentionally– the image of the Fair, is strictly prohibited. COFILH reserves the right to close the stand without reimbursement of the payment for the space and other services and in the case of foraign exhibitors they won’t be authorized to exchange the resulting currency from sales for its return to the country of origin.

b)    In the case of non-literary products comertialized the authorised proportion is 5% of the total declared in ANNEX 11. In the case of foraign Exhibitors that percentage must also match the invoice presented to Customs.

c)    Only non-literary products listed as school or office supplies as shown below could be commercialized: diaries, notebooks, plastic or cardboard folders, pencils and color pencils, ball-point and felt-point pens, erasers and glue, small plastic school sharpeners, staplers, mechanical pencils, tempera, brushes, clips (any type), desk organizers, scissors, rules, drawing triangles or squares, semicircle, compass, crayons, notepads, pencil cases, markers, white-out corrector, memos, calculators, world maps and globes. Diaries, book markers and puzzles may be commercialized only if their cover and inner pages show pictures of writers, book covers or literary characters.

  Such articles shall not have propaganda or publicity images and shall be submitted for approval to the Organizing Committee sending a digital catalog to , or sending a printed catalog or sample of the items by ordinary mail to the offices of the Cuban Book Chamber at calle 15, entre B y C, no. 602, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana.

  c) In the case of technological items can only be commercialized free of content. Their sale will be authorized by the Organizing Commitee only for specialized exhibitors. The ítems authorized for sale are: Tablets (with their accessories), E-readers (with their accessories), Phablets (with their accessories), Flash drives (USB), Micro SD Memories and External HD.

  4. The Organizing Commitee won’t take responsibility for unauthorised and undeclared merchandise to Customs.

  5. Items aproved as part of the propaganda of the event can only be comertialized by sponsors as long as they show the logo of FILH.

  6. Once the participation in the Fair is confirmed the EXIBITOR is bound to send the packing list or invoice, which shall match the products and articles previously approved by COFILH and listed in ANNEXE 4 and 12.

  7. Aimed to prevent the colonizing impact of symbols promoted by communication transnationals, children and youth literature to be exhibited or commercialized shall be varied, and its content shall encourage sensibility in children through stories and images autochthonous from various cultures, and promote universal values. These could include national editions of works of universal literature.

  8. In order to maintain the prestige obtained by previous editions of the Fair, in the case of literature for adults, books shall promote the aforementioned values being works of a high cultural and literary level. In this regard, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to remove those books foreign to the spirit in which the Fair is organized.

  9. Merchandise sent to FILH that doesn’t meet the requirements stated on item 3 and its sub-items will be retained and confiscated by Customs.

  10. As a rule, no new spaces can be rented once FILH has started.

11. No Exhibitor can resell or sub-rent a stand or part of it.

12. The Organizing Committee has the right to accept or reject any application and expel from FILH any Exhibitor, legal representative or stand responsible whose actions damage the integrity of the Fair, breaches its harmony or alters the activities of other exhibitors (See articles 9.5, 9.6 and 9.7). The Exhibitor who incurs in these actions will be immediately expelled from the Fair premises, will have no right to  reimbursement of the costs of participation, and will be banned from future Fairs until the Organizing Committee reviews such decision (See ANNEX 8).


13.1 Once the Request for Participation is reviewed and approved we will proceed to reserve the space until the contract is signed.

  13.2 The Cuban Book Chamber will issue the Contract for the space and associated services, divided into six (6) groups:

  • Sponsors.

• Collaborators.

• Contractors in exchange of spaces.

• Publishing Houses

• Booksellers. For those registered exclusively as such in Guilds and Chambers, prior submition of the documents that legally credit them and the packing list or invoice, applies a reduction of up to 10 % in the leasing cost.

• Other (common contract as Exhibitor).

  13.3 Untill  November 30, 2023 contracts will be signed and stamped on every page to be later delivered, without any modification, to the Cuban Book Chamber. These documents can be scanned and sent via email.

  13.4 Signing the contract implies the acknowledgement and acceptance of the space assigned and all the associated services contracted, as well as the Participation Rules.

13.5 Invoices will be issued for all contracts, and payment shall be fully settled before December 15, 2023 when the assembly process begins.

14.Distribution and adjudication of spaces

a) The Cuban Book Chamber as representative of COFILH is the only responsible for assigning spaces in the Fair premises, taking into account the interest of this institution in accordance with the epidemiologic conditions in the country, proposals for special projects, books and related items for exhibition or commercialization, the behavior of the Exhibitor in previous Fairs, square meters contracted or requested and most importantly the settled payment.

  b) The stands will be assigned considering contracted space, payment and 100% settled debt, with an order of preference for sponsors.

  c) Spaces will be assigned taking into account the requests submitted. In case a certain space cannot be assigned as requested because of another previous request, a different space will be assigned, which the Exhibitor can accept or not, and will expressly communicate the decision through the established mechanisms.

15.Modification and suspention of assigned spaces

a) By exceptional causes, COFILH has the power of modifying the space and location reserved by and assigned to the Exhibitor, for a similar amount, without the Exhibitor being able to demand reimbursement.

  b) Exchanges, swaps, cession or sub-contracting of spaces to third parties is strictly prohibited.

  c) If by Mayor Cause or Fortuitous Event the celebration of the Fair on the dates or venues previously established becomes impossible, COFILH could change them and the conditions agreed by contract with the Exhibitor will remain as stated on the signed contract. Only in case the Exhibitor states the decision of not attending on the new dates and/or space, COFILH will reimburse 85 % of the payment, without the Exhibitor having the right to any compensation and the Supplement to the Contract between Parties will be automatically terminated on the date of notification by the Exhibitor.

16.Modification on rented surfaces

a) To have a reduction or an expansion of the contracted space, once the Supplement to the contract is signed, the Exhibitor shall make a formal request (ANNEX 1 ) in a document signed and stamped by his legal representative.

  b) To obtain an expansion, COFILH will respond to your request if there are available spaces left, otherwise the previous conditions will remain unaltered.

17.Spaces to be contracted

a) Modular stands of the following dimensions: 6 m², 8 m², 10 m², 12 m², 14 m², 16 m², 18 m2, 25 m², and whole vaults. In all cases the width is 2 m.

  b) Indoor disassambled spaces of similar dimensions as the above mentioned.

  c) Outdoor spaces. Tarpaulin tents will be assigned depending on availability.

  f)    Outdoor spaces of dimentions mentioned on ítem a) will be assigned depending on availability.

18.Prices, conditions and forms of payment 

18.1 The rates for Foreign Exhibitors per m² will be

Fortress San Carlos de La Cabaña

Indoor assembled stand

$ 190.00 € per m2.

Indoor disassembled stand

$ 155.00 € per m².

Outdoor spaces (Tents)

$ 150.00 € per m².


  a)    Payment shall be made through bank transference or credit card using the payment platforms approved for the event: Prelasa and SoyCubano, in any foraign currency agreed or  specified in the contract at the exchange rate of the day in which the transaction is made. All financial expenses must be covered by the EXHIBITOR. It is necessary to specify in each case the service for which the payment is made.
b)   Exhibitors paying through bank transference may also use accounts on foraign Banks listed below that work as intermediaries :











National Bank of Canada






Banco de Sabadell SA




Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A




Caixabank SA







Havin Bank Limited






Nordea Bank Sweden AB




c)    Once the transference is made a receipt shall be sent to the International Book Fairs Group.

d)   Payment within the national territory will be expressly and exceptionally aproved only by COFILH.

e)    Payment in cash will not be accepted.

  18.2 Leasing rate per m² for Cuban Exhibitors:

  a)    For all spaces to be rented: 1900.00 CUP per m². This fee will only be modified in special cases and must be previously authorised by the Organizing Commitee.

b)   Payment will be made via bank transference, nominative check or certificate.

c)    Payment in cash will not be accepted.

d)   Associated services and/or additional media requested will be contracted separately depending on availability, and will be provided after payment is made at the Exhibitors Attention Center. For information on rates see ANNEX 5.

e)    Supplies and utilities included on the price of the space:

Supplies & utilities

6 - 8 m2

10 - 14 m²

16 - 18 m²

25 - 30 m2

More than 30 m2













Exhibitor Badge







f)     Services included on the leasing fee:
       • Exhibitor badge.

        • Cleaning of the external área of the stand.  

        •Safeguard after exhibition hours.

        •General lightning.

        •Label or logo of the entity (up to 20 characters).

        •Inclusion in the Catalog of Exhibitors.

        •Invitation to the welcoming reception.


19.Work at the stands 

19.1 The Exhibitor who wants to lease only the space (stand without a module) shall send the design of the stand before December 15, 2023. The height of the front design shall not exceed 2.80 m.


19.2 The elements (panels, frontispiece, beams, columns) used to assemble the stands are standard. The cost for aditional elements will be covered by the Exhibitor (See ANNEX 5 ).


19.3 Foreign exhibitors requesting additional badges for professionals or exhibitors will pay the rate established in these Rules. (See ANNEXE 2 and 3 ).


19.4 The sales method adopted within the stand, and its consequences, will be exclusive responsibility of the Exhibitor. In no case the contravention of  current legal provisions will be permitted.

19.5 The fortress where the Fair is hold is inscribed in the UNESCO List of World Heritage, therefore, it is strictly forbidden attaching or fixing any material to the floors, walls, columns, gates, doors or windows. The Exhibitor will be responsible for indemnifying and compensating any damage caused by unconsult decisions according to the Rules and Regulations established within the premises.


19.6 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to remove any decorative or promotional element which does not abide by to the Participaction Rules.


19.7 No sounds that may annoy or upset other exhibitors, participants, or general public, such as: loud music, yelling to announce products or articles, or other similar actions will be allowed. Those are some of the requirements to maintain the harmony and synergy expected in the exhibition and commercial areas of FILH. In case of recurrent complains, COFILH will notify the offender to immediately cease the activity that violates the rules. If after being notified, the Exhibitor persists and continues with the activities that originated the complaint, the organizers will seize the audio equipment or will expel the person(s) implicated from the stand and the Exhibitor won’t have a right to any claim.


19.8 The stands that have not been occupied by 18:00 hours on the day before the opening of the event will be considered vacant and could be reassigned by the Organizing Committee, unless the arrival of the Exhibitor at a later date have been notified in advance. The Organizing Committee will not be hold responsible in case a new space has to be assigned to the absent Exhibitor, nor of the payment of import taxes. The cost of the stand will not be reimbursed.


19.9 In case the Exhibitor arrives in the premises on a later date to the opening of the event, they will pay the total cost of the stand, regardless of the number of days the stand is occupied.


19.10 The exhibition areas will be open from 10:00 to 18:00 hours Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 18:00 hours. The exhibitors will ensure their presence one (1) hour before the opening of FILH. Once the Fair premises are open, the Exhibitor is responsible for the custody of the space. Representatives will be responsible for the operation of the stand throughout the Fair and shall be present while the stand is open.


19.11 Submitting the report of daily sales is mandatory. The information must be clearly stated and duly signed. Each legal representative and/or person responsible for the stand must ensure the truthfulness of the information in such document. COFILH will not be hold responsible for any inconvenience that may arise caused by the Exhibitor.


19.12 No Exhibitor can modifie the stand without previous authorisation from COFILH, nor use areas that are not part of the contracted space, such as aisles, adjacent areas or others for promotional and/or commercial activities, excep authorized by the Organizing Committee.


19.13 The decoration and furniture provided by the Exhibitor for the stands shall be placed in such way that don’t interfere with the general environment and ambience, walking areas or adjacent stands. In case of violation of this rule, COFILH could make the necessary adjustments, even without the Exhibitor’s consent, and all the expenses and costs generated will be covered by the latter.


19.14 Exhibitors and hired staff can access the Fair premises through the entrance designated by the organizers. It is mandatory to wear the ID badge, which is personal and non-transferable.


19.15 During the Fair, exhibitors and the staff working directly or indirectly with them, are not allowed to bring and/or consume alcoholic beverages in the stand. It is likewise completely prohibited to access the stands under the influence of alcohol or consume any other substance that may alter physical or mental habilties.


20.Assembly and dissembly 

20.1 For seven days prior to the Fair, the Exhibitor will be able to work in the assembly of the stand and bring supplies and merchandise into the Fair premises. During such period, the Exhibitor will receive the furniture and accessories previously requested to the Organizing Committee. The Exhibitor will sign an official document which details all the supplies received.


20.2 Dismantling will begin the day after the closure of the event and will last 72 hours counting from 08.00 am that day, ending at 17:00 hours of the third day . This is the period of time in which the Exhibitor can remove all remaining merchandise and articles, as well as personal belongings with the previous written authorization of the pavilion’s coordinator that will include a list of all the supplies provided by the Organizing Committee. Any extra supplies contracted directly to other divisions will be returned to the department of origin by the person responsible for the stand once the event ends.


20.3 Exhibitors will not be allowed to dismantle stands before the established date. If any Exhibitor violates this rule, COFILH will have the right to bann the infringer from future events.


20.4 Once the stand is dismantled, the Exhibitor is bound to return, in perfect conditions, all the supplies provided for use in the stand to the personnel designated by the Cuban Book Chamber. The Exhibitor willl be hold responsible for damages or losses suffered by the stand or items, and will have to pay them fully before leaving the premises of the event.


20.5 The Exhibitor is responsible for the return of all supplies to the department of assembly accompanied by a document which lists all the rented supplies and parts (See ANNEX 10 ).


20.6 Exhibitors are not allowed to assemble or disassemble the stand while the Fair is working, unless previously authorized by COFILH.


20.7 The Exhibitor is responsible for preparing an inventory of the furniture and accessories introduced in the Fair premises to be used exclusively in the stand, which will be handed to the person responsible of the area or pavilion on the Exhibitor’s arrival. Such inventory has to be signed by both parties as evidence for all corresponding legal matters. The document will be modified and updated every time additional goods are introduced.


20.8 Packing materials or any other materials used for the assembly and decoration of the stand, such as publicity, signposting and others, must be placed by the Exhibitor in places assigned by COFILH for such purposes.




21.1 Accreditation is mandatory for all individuals directly working in the event. Exemption of payment will be only authorized by COFILH.


21.2 COFILH reserves the right to assign categories depending on the work or activity declared by each applicant. Such designation is irrevocable.


21.3 Prices for badges
















a)    Badges for professionals and supporting staff can only be acquired through a contract or supplement to a contract (following the list above), previously signed with the Cuban Book Chamber, either by a juridical or natural person. Payment will necessarily be done before the opening of the Fair, via bank transference or nominative check.

b)   If it was necessary to acquire new badges once the event has started the person shall submit a request and proceed with the payment as established.

c)    Once payment have been done, badges can be collected from January 10 to 30, 2024, in the period between 14:00 - 17:00 hours, at the Cuban Book Chamber. From February 5, 2024, exhibitors, professionals and other staff can obtain their badges directly at the Exhibitors Attention Center during the hours established in the Fair premises. Badges will be given only to the legal representative and/or person responsible for the stand. In case this person is unable to collect the badges, another representative with a written-signed authorization may collect them.

22.Exhibitors attention center

22.1 FILH will have an Exhibitors Attention Center that will be opperative from Monday February 5, 2024, 10:00am at Fortress San Carlos de La Cabaña. The Center will provide services to exhibitors, professionals, guests and supporting staff and will grant information, accreditation, contracts, collection of payments, storage and lease of supplies and other means.


22.2 Official welcoming to exhibitors will be on Tuesday February 7, 2024 at 17:00 hours.


23.1 The cancellation of a stand leads to reimbursement of the payments done by the Exhibitor depending on the dates indicated below. The expenses resulting from this transaction will be covered by the EXHIBITOR.

Before December 1, 2023

Reimbursement of 75 %

Before December 15, 2023

Reimbursement of 50 %

Before December 31, 2023

Reimbursement of 25 %

After    December 31, 2023

No reimbursement

24.Procedure for payment and extraction of cash resulting from sales made by foraingn Exhibitors

24.1 Each Exhibitor has up to 72 hours after the closure of the event to submit a written request to the Cuban Book Chamber indicating interest to be authorized to exchange currency and consequently a request to withdraw the corresponding cash from the National Bank of Cuba, as established in the procedures issued by such institution.


24.2 Exhibitors must submit evidence of no debts for services received during the event.


24.3 The document authorizing the Exhibitor to export cash to the country of origin will be delivered after the Exhibitor presents at the Exhibitors Attention Center proof of payment and return of the stand and every leased parts and goods.


24.4 The Organizing Commitee will conduct the procedures with the corresponding institutions for withdrawing the money and shall not be hold responsible for the authorized exchange limit since it depends on the financial availability of the National Banck of Cuba. Management time to make banking operations effective will also depend on the aforementioned institution.

25.Participation in the International Fair in other provinces 

 25.1 Exhibitors will formally communicate their interest in participating in the Fair in other provinces through the Request for Participation (See ANNEX 12 ).

  25.2 COFILH reserves the right to approve the participation, considering:

          • Requests submitted.

          • Behavior in previous Fairs and specifically in the 32nd International Book Fair of Havana.

          • Interests of each provincial Organizing Committee.

    25.3 Sponsors and collaborators of the event will be prioritized only if they can assure their presence. The rest is up to the Provincial Organizing Commitee.  


    25.4 It is mandatory to import merchandize separately into each one of the provinces in which the Exhibitor has been authorized to participate, meeting the specifications established in this document for the Fair in Havana. The Exhibitor must send the corresponding invoice.


   25.5 The Exhibitor will be authorized to change currency just once and the limits will depend on the authorized amount according to the financial availability of the National Banck of Cuba. Management time to make banking operations effective will also depend on the aforementioned institution.

   25.6 Each province will individually process contracts and fees for space and services offered to the Exhibitors.

26. Dress code

26.1 The staff working in each stand shall dress properly. Outfits or accessories that could be offensive in any way for ethnic, religious, political or social reasons to the public, to other exhibitors or participants won’t be allowed.


26.2 Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that the staff working in the stand follow what is established on item 26.1. In case of violation, the offender shall immediately abandon the Fair premises, this being the final decision adopted by COFILH.

27. Sanitary and Health Protocols

The Organizing Committee of the International Book Fair of Havana (COFILH) and health authorities of the country will guarantee a safe space to all visitors, participants and exhibitors.